by Balances

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released June 24, 2016

Words and music by Macin Boushah
Engineered by Jan Peeters
Mixed and Mastered by Declan White

Special thanks to our friends and families (who put up with our bullshit, shouty music), Jan Peeters (if you need something recorded, he is your man) and all of you guys... who still care after all this silence and time.



all rights reserved


Balances Leuven, Belgium

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Track Name: Departure
Forever reaching,
in chrysalis
The west wind
Embracing me

Despite the fear that we’re feeling
We set sail to meet the breaking dawn

I swear
That this is not forever
Track Name: Demur
Each spoken word, embellished over time
You were not meant to be what you are now
Each told lie becomes another truth
You realize that the pressure is building up

A carefully constructed myth, rupturing
Without foundations, destined to cave in
I incite the fire in the hearts of the masses
I bestow upon them sight
So that they may finally see

Your cracked mask locked on festering thoughts
A voice so loud
To drown the silence in your chest
I only hear your faint whisper
A soft hush of admittance

The whole world will finally see
You are just another deceiver with the face of a leader
The whole world will finally see
The wretched hands that guided them

The manufactured truth, withered over time
You were not meant to be what you are now
Built on delusions, destined to cave in
The walls are coming down
Brace yourself
You have lost your hold
The masses answered the call
Empty words won’t save you now

I’ll stare into your false eyes
And watch how the life in them dies
Track Name: Obstructions
You can never be on the top of the world
its weight is holding you down

Disregard everything, time to push forward
(Cast aside all these obstructions and sever the ties
You will have to give meaning to your own life)

You will never scale these walls with all of these burdens chained to your neck

Disregard everything and everyone
Or I swear I’ll break your fucking neck
Track Name: Reaching
You find yourself on your knees again
Withered hands lifted to the sky
Begging for a sign
Sheltered in the wreckage that is your life

Wrapped in misery, the spirit is broken.
Drowning in defeat
Warmth is only a distant memory

Weighted down and burned out
Your aspirations,
all ground to dust
Hidden behind a mask of circumstance

Passion will stir again,
In blood that flows slowly
These paths you have tread in vain,
Are lessons well learnt
Your youth may have flown,
But there is more to you than you know
Restore what you have lost
Believe me when I say,
We have all been there,
We are seeking

We are searching
We are seeking

Your life is neither empty nor worthless
Even though Fate has again and again, trodden over your existence
What matters is to accept the inevitable
Take in all the sweetness and the bitterness
and accept full responsibility for it all

Life is a long, endless night
If not for the occasional sparkle of light,
the glimmer of hope
The Sudden brightness and warmth
Comforting and wonderful
Justifying the years of darkness

Are you ready to live again?
Climb from this wreckage
to meet the rising sun

The night stretches out before us

Track Name: Moirai
This structure is a misconception
With origins rooted so deep,
we lost sight of the point of inception
Your life becomes another lie

Architects behind hidden walls
define every step between earth and sky

Your reality
is tearing at its seams

Break the chains that bind you to this cage
Sever lifelines and feel What it means to be free
Every choice and consequence will belong to you (to you)
You will become the master of your fate

Listen, you who sit nearest to the thrones of creators and liars,
inescapable devices for every kind beyond counting.
We sever the strings
We will no longer be bound
The scales have tipped
The Moirai have fallen
I’ll bring you their heads
And they’ll call me the sisters’

(My Life will be my own)
Pass the torch on…
(My Path will be my own)
Pass the torch on…
(My Truth will be my own)
Pass the torch on…
(My end will be my own)

I will not be subdued
Track Name: Transcend
Life is cruel
I have seen how you were torn apart by circumstance
There is no reason in nature
Don’t tremble nor cower
We all have the potential to
Ascend beyond this helpless state
Let fortune play its ruthless game

if only for a moment
We can be stronger than nature and fate,
if only for a moment
We can conquer our innate fear

And when the black depths are silent,
And the grey skies are still.
We can rise to meet the odds
We can be gods

Stretch out a commanding hand and create
Leave this material plane

But It hurts, to walk this road alone
Death and fortune have taken their heavy toll
And when the black depths are silent,
And the grey skies are still
I swear I will sing this song
This melody you have become

Without fear
But with determination
We live

(We cannot evade life's course,
but we can strengthen ourselves
to be superior to fortune
to look unflinchingly upon the most painful things
Out of sounds, words,
we construct purpose,
songs full of meaning, consolation and goodness,
more beautiful and enduring than the grim sport of fortune and destiny )
Track Name: Of Humanity
Burn my eyes,
Exhausted by senseless motions.
The fires all died out
Left to here to witness
I can only look upon
these husks bleeding in desolation

Animosity has become the air that we breathe
Every notion of sanity is laid to rest

Gather around the pyre
Cast aside the world with me,
I have seen humanity
The true face of man

I have seen the faces of demons and fiends
Man has bled dry the sky

And listen to the tale of a shattered son
Found crawling through a distant semblance of life
A man, a shade
Lost all he held dear

Staring through the eyes of a bitter soul
They took away my hopes, my dreams, my ghost and my words
Driven into madness, I have lost all control
Memories etched into my skin, steel married to my flesh

I breath bitter air
Contempt is born,
Hatred forms purpose
This is what I had to become

Can you see the misery lingering in the empty shell
The twisted pain of living
Anger, unwilling to subside
Forgive me for what I have become
Can you see the heartbreak written in that wretched face
Love torn violently from his life
From this life
Track Name: To The Void
Another failed attempt,
to understand the gravity of this situation
My mind is lost on complexity beyond grasp
Untangle knots, retrace steps and dissect the dialogue

Breathe in every disappointment

You reached out to me
The sun behind grey sky
Warmth in a winter night
The trails still linger in the room
Echoes softly resonate
What remains?
A lost soul yearning for an end

This cannot be what was meant for us
The trails still linger
And you have made your final attempt

The shards of a broken bond grace the barren floor
An urge to be complete takes over
Deep wounds grace open hands
A shattered mirror,
Reflecting back at me
A broken man

This was always meant for me
This is destiny
Miles down this beaten path
Staring down a bottomless abyss
Gaze fixed,
At peace with my disbelief
Render me to the void
The one place I belong

Liberated of all hindrances
Separated from this world
No one can save me now

I am too far gone
I am too far gone
Track Name: Renascent
At last I have reached my journey’s end
This is where my dearest dreams have ranged
The solace my restless soul has yearned
to hear the universe and all of existence in its innate harmony.
In this vastness, enveloped
How could I have been left unchanged?
Renewed my vision, Revived my senses
I have been reborn

I finally see,
there is no one to save us from ourselves
Track Name: The Prescient
Time is coming to an end
I witness another new beginning
The cycle never ends
I am the one,
who perceives beyond the veil of time and space
Reaching in to the void, where all threads unfold
Behold the pattern, the perfect symmetry
Walking the fault line between possibility and reality
Under a scorching desert sun,
The pattern unravels before me
I witness how all things move
Dancing to the cadence of time
The spectral lines align
The truth you know is a lie
I am less than a god
More than a man
I am renascent
Can I change the outcome?
Can I alter this state?
I am more than a man
Can I change the outcome?
Which path to take?
It all unravels in my wake
You will bleed
Efforts to change the way are broken
You will suffer
Cannot stop what you have started

It is like I lived a billion lives, all at once
An experience that is tearing me apart
Nothing you can comprehend
(you’ll never understand)
Raging in denial against my inner self
Amidst infinity, endless movement
Aware of the universe,
It takes everything to remain whole
I am the first, the last
I am everything

Only I will remain